Wrap 'Em Up

Okay.... so this past week I discovered the overwhelming amazingness of dread wraps. I used to use a ponytail holder to pull my dreads back if I didn't want them down which eventually would pull and start to give me a headache, but dread wraps, my knotty friends, are amazing.... hold your dreads out of the way, look super cute (if you find some great wraps/scarfs) and DON'T HURT!!! The last part is my favorite, LOL. Anywho, I am including here a video I created on how to put on a dread wrap. :-)

In other news, I finally found the information I've been trying to find for WEEKS about the legal and licensing statutes in the state of Connecticut regarding dreadlocks and what generally falls under the bracket of 'african braiding'. Connecticut actually has official laws exempting braiders from needing licensing. WOOT! That means that my dread business is 100% legal! I had worried it wasn't so I was trying to keep it on the DL... but now that I don't have to worry about that, I am free to start promoting myself a bit more -- post on craigslist, put up flyers on community bulletin boards, etc. So SPREAD the word, people! Tell them to check out The Dread Queen!!!

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  1. Sarah Canty Says:

    i bought a colourful scarf the other day to tie my dreads up with but its too long to justify so i havent worn it, but this is the perfect solution!! and AWWWHHH to phoenix bless her shes gorgeous! x

  2. KnottyMama Says:

    Thanks. ^_^

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