The Dreadlock Treaty Debate (Update)

Okay.... so let me start off by saying that every thing I have written below is my own opinion, and does not reflect that of DreadHeadHQ or the members of I'm assuming that most people reading here are probably at least vaguely familiar with this 'event' within the dreadlock internet community at large. If not I'll give a little history, but honestly this isn't a history lesson, it's an opinion piece, so if you want to know more details you can visit KJC's Dreadlocks.TV Dreadlock Treaty web page to view his initial treaty letter and the progress to this point. OR you could check out he official knotty johnny clean dreadlock debate thread on the forum, too. And, last but not least, you can head on over to the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate facebook group, to round out the experience.

Things all started on May 7th.... a Friday? I can't remember. Anyway, someone posted the link to the thread on the dreadlockssite forums and I headed on over and joined up. I have visited there a couple times for research for past blog entries (crocheting and wax entries, if you're curious), so I was happy to get a screen name so I could participate on the forum. The officially start time was 8 p.m. and so I was waiting on the site and on the site chat at that time, excited for it to begin.

About 20 minutes in or so, KJC (finally?) posted his initial letter, which can be viewed at all of the above links in some place or another, and the fall-out began. This was the only post that KJC was to make on the site, much to the dismay of many forum-goers who were falsely expecting a live debate. I discovered only today that a live debate was never actually the goal or expectation (for KJC, anyway). SoaringEagle, the founder of, clearly expected a live debate (and had set up to host one on his site) and when it was not delivered as mistakenly expected, the carnage began. The mud-slinging and name-calling followed quickly. Those few DreadHeadHQ cross-overs from facebook tried to defend KJC (often ineffectively or equally offensively) to little avail. (Myself included!) I guess maybe it's just my lingering good faith in humanity that leads me to the strong belief that although the debate so far as failed, it was not in purposeful sabotage by either opposing party.

Today on the facebook page and site KJC posted that apparently the idea and challenge for a debate actually took place in a heated argument (involving plenty of negative accusations and name-calling) through comments posted on one of KJC's youtube videos. Now, I think that the idea for a dread wax debate is a GREAT one. I think the information and facts need to be settled once and for all. However, I think anger and frustration may not have been the best emotions under which to decide the conditions of said debate.

Things have just been escalating further and further every day that passes. At this point I'm so frustrated I'm not sure what to suggest. No one seems to be able to agree on any terms for how this debate should be run. You know what? Forget this post, LOL. I'm tired of the debate. I'm taking a break. If I feel up to it maybe I will update again in the future after everyone stops being so pig-headed about everything. F this S.

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