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It's April and I definitely see the end of this semester in sight. After this semester (I'm taking Sociology and Business Law now) I'll only have one class remaining in order to graduate with my degree in Business Administration. I've been hemming and hawing over what the next step from here is. When I first decided to get a degree in Business I figured I would open a healing practice using my Reiki/energy healing skills. (I'm a Reiki Master.) However, since then I've felt the Universe pulling me in another direction, but I can't quite see what's at the end. The next thing I thought I might do was become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). I am still considering this option although I'm also trying to weigh what other possibilities are out there.

In my very first blog post I wrote about WWOOFing and since then read that most places (in this locale, anyway) expect WWOOFers to stay on for the entire growing season (from April - October) and work basically full-time Monday through Friday (and sometimes more!). It's not that I wouldn't enjoy that, it's just that its not feasible considering I already work part-time/go to school part-time. BUT, since then I discovered there is a college near here called Hampshire College in Amherst, MA that has a really awesome Agriculture program that has a distinct focus on sustainable and organic farming, agriculture, and food sources.

I have read so many articles about families that have created their own sustainable, off-grid homesteads and I think that's SO admirable and I would love to be able to do something like that but I just DON'T have the skills to do that! If I were to go to school for agriculture it would really be with the intention of using it toward that end, rather than towards a career, per say. I haven't really decided yet if I think that would be irresponsible! It seems silly to go to school for something and spend all that time and effort on something that, in the long run, won't equal out to enable me to generate income. So, I think I've decided ultimately that I might like to volunteer at a local farm on weekends (assuming I can bring my LO along) and go to school for something else.

On the KnottyBoy website they offer a lotician program where you can become certified by and affiliated with their company as a dread stylist. I think that's some pretty cool $h*t, but at the same time I'm not sure I can make a career out of that! Plus, I'd have to drive up to Canada to do it... not my cup of tea. So, I guess that leaves me back at midwifery, which I think no matter WHERE we end up is a marketable and, obviously, valuable skill. The more I talk about it the more excited I get about it again! Assuming I don't come up with something else again I will likely start in a distance-learning/apprenticeship program through a midwifery school in Vermont next Spring after I graduate with my degree. The last thing I want to do is load my plate TOO full.

Originally I thought I might become a Doula in the meantime to sort of get my foot in the door, but who knows if I'll do that or not. All I know is that despite how awesome of a boss I have (I mean... he doesn't care about me having dreads!) I am really looking forward to a change. The only thing I am hesitant about when it comes to midwifery is how unpredictable the schedule can be. With my own children I worry how that could affect us as a family. I always would need to have a back-up... someone who could watch my LO last minute if I had to run to a birth. But, everything else I think I would love!

In other news, my mom put an offer on a house that we would all end up in. It's pretty dinky, though, so my hubby, LO and I will end up living in the garage. Glamorous, right? It's our only option, unfortunately. We are selling our condo and it's only been shown ONCE.... not exactly encouraging. It's probably going to be a short sale. The scary thing about short sale is that if it doesn't sell within an allotted length of time they will foreclose. When you are foreclosed on you can't buy a home again for NINE YEARS.... that's a LOOONG time! I want to have my family living in a house, goddamnit!!! The American Dream has become something rivaling an impossibility for most. I just want my baby to have at least as much as I did growing up... it's not moving in that direction just yet.

So, yeah, as far as living in the garage, I think my mom should renovate it to turn it into part of the house (insulate, frame, and dry-wall the walls). She could put in a third bedroom, half bath, and a living room and turn what is the living room now into a dining room.... or vice versa, whatever. The cinch is that things like that cost major money and you have to have all kinds of permits and crap like that in place to be able to do such a thing.... On the PLUS side, the house has a WONDERFUL, large yard that will be a great place for my LO to play in. I'm hoping to start a small vegetable/fruit garden, too, with all the space back there. The only problem I can see with that so far is that a lot of the ground is covered with moss suggesting that in the spring and summer it is most shaded... we'll see!

I think in my next blog I want to do it on washing dreadlocks since a lot of you have indicated you would be interested in seeing me write a blog about it. I am due to wash my hair Friday so I am going to attempt to take a video of it then... but I have to get my camera fixed first... >.> I have to get my butt in gear!!! If anyone has ANY other topics (related to dreadlocks, preferably, LOL) they would like to see me write about PLEASE don't hesitate to ask! And, as usual, please follow my blog or subscribe to it if you like what you see! I really love knowing that there are people out there who care what I have to say!!!


~ KnottyMama

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